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    Had my OSSC for about a week and loving it. I had only hooked up my Xbox (Component) and Dreamcast (VGA) so far and both working perfectly. Very impressive.

    I thought i would test the scart input using (what i thought was) a Dreamcast RGB Scart like this one – https://www.amazon.co.uk/RGB-Scart-Cable-for-Dreamcast/dp/B0001DDBMU. The image displayed but was very grainy so just wanted to check is this expected with the above cable? Is the above cable probably not RGB and actually composite? I have an RGB sync on Luma in the post for the PS2 so i can ultimately test in the next couple of days but wondered if someone knew here?

    Also another question, i have a Dell monitor with no HDMI input, i tried hooking up the OSSC via a HDMI > DVI cable but was getting no display. Is this simply not possible?

    Thanks in advance


    Picture quality from the Dreamcast should be good, but remember most Dreamcast games are 480i when used by SCART, which will introduce some flicker with the OSSC.

    If the cable was composite only there would be no picture.

    HDMI to DVI should work perfectly, try changing the TX mode to DVI.


    Hi BuckoA51

    Thanks for the quick reply. Ok thats strange then as the bad picture quality was before i even put a game in, the cable in question worked fine when direct to TV. The only thing is that cable was inherited via a dreamcast bundle a bought a while back so cant imagine its anything special. Will wait for PS2 RGB Scart to arrive before i worry about that any further.

    As for the HDMI to DVI, yep i changed that. The monitor was getting something as usually it powers off if it has no input but the screen was just black. I have another monitor i am going to try later to narrow that issue down then.



    Good news. Both issues seem to have been caused by using a) a crappy TV that didn’t seem to handle RGB from scart input sources and then b) a temperamental hdmi to DVI cable. Thanks for the reply as I probably should of troubleshooted more before asking on the forum 🙂

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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