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    I have some issues with HDMI splitters (notice the “s” at the end of “splitters”…), I bought them to capture footage without having to swap cables.

    I bought a first one (cheap, £6) it worked for an hour, literally 1 hour.

    I bought another one (£17 “the best HDMI splitter from 2018” according to some articles I’ve found) and this one has some green dots blinking everywhere on the screen.

    Note that it only affects the Dreamcast and the OG Xbox but NOT the PS1 ! And it only affects certain colors. I’ve tried messing around with ALL settings I could find, the only ones that appear to have an effect were :
    Pre ADC gain, G/Y gain etc
    Those settings can reduce the issue but not fix it. And the Dreamcast not only has green dots but the whole picture comes and goes away randomly.
    Changing the sampling phase or activating the “VESA640x480@60” setting (can) make things WAY worse : even more green and pink dots

    I’ve tried other HDMI cables and the issue seems less worse when using the HDMI 3 port on my TV, de-activating ULTRA DEEP COLOR option on my TV and several other things.

    The issue clearly comes from the splitters. Do you guys have any idea ? The fact that 2 splitters have issue makes me think :
    – Maybe the OSSC “leaks” a voltage that is too high (wild guess)
    – Splitters don’t like weird resolution (480p x2 in that case)
    – Splitters and OSSC don’t like each other
    – I’m extremely unlucky and bought two bad/faulty splitters
    – There is indeed a solution that I can’t seem to find

    Using the splitter ONLY when I want to capture “isn’t an option” as I bought a splitter to avoid swapping cables each time I want to capture footage… Worst case scenario, I don’t use splitters at all, I only capture about 10 hours of video per year anyway.

    Last thing : Do you know any good splitter that YOU KNOW FOR A FACT would work with the OSSC ? So far I’ve only wasted £23, I can try once more.

    Thanks in advance !


    This thread may be of interest to you: https://shmups.system11.org/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=63585


    Apparently, I forgot to click the “submit” button yesterday… Anyway, I was thanking you and telling that apparently, I had 2 faulty HDMI cables and that’s why it took me so long to find a solution (2 faulty HDMI, what were the odds…). I’m keeping this thread alive just in case it is a overheating issue, once I’ll be 100% sure it was my cables that were the cause of the issue, I’ll label this thread as “solved”.
    It was an interesting read btw, this guy did a lot of digging !

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