Help with my Amiga/capture set up?

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    Michael Dawes

    I love the OSSC so far, but I’m having some issues with its particular strengths and weaknesses in regards to my Amiga 1200 and my cheapo capture card.

    Long story short, before I used the OSSC I used one of those common square metal HD upscalers.. lots of lag, artifacts, etc, but it did do one occasionally useful thing – flicker fix interlace.

    I’m (probably) trying to find a way to plug both the OSSC and the other upscaler in simultaneously, so I can switch between them depending on what screenmode I’m trying to use. But my Amiga has 23pin A/V out and splitters/switches for that don’t seem to exist. The only rgb scart switches I could find that have 2 outputs cost €200 😯 and have way more inputs than I need.

    Over scart the only high resolutions modes I’ve been able to get are interlaced.. (I can get some high res progressive modes through vga cable, but the lack of filtering for vga makes it unpleasant, my capture card doesnt recognise those resolutions either.) – the card only shows every second line of the interlaced modes, so that’s not very useful.

    Is there such a thing as an hdmi to hdmi deinterlacer I could put between the OSSC and the capture card? It wouldn’t solve the flickery display problem but it’d at least clear up the picture for capture purposes.

    Not sure of the best course of action. :/

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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