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    I’ve been searching for days now to a answer for help with the OSSC..

    I picked up the OSSC after many recommendations from fellow friends and streamers who use it, and it has been a nightmare. I have a Scart connected to the OSSC for use with the SNES.

    I was recommended a internal capture card and did not know my motherboard did not have another free slot for it…

    I upgraded my external capture card because my OLD Elgato HD was having issues and I purchased a AverMedia Live Gamer Portable 2, with several reassurances that it would work with the OSSC when the OSSC is set to line x2.

    Alas, all I can get is audio. I’ve tried directly from the OSSC to the Capture card, and also the original method of using a HDMI splitter aand both get audio but no video.

    Can anyone help me 🙁

    P.S. I am not the greatest with computers, I know a lot more than most, but some things especially with the OSSC confuse me

    Thank you in advanced to anyone that can help


    Are you getting video on you screen/monitor?

    What are the specs of the computer your trying to capture to? CPU, memory, motherboard model number, video card model number, operating system? Or a model number, if it’s a brand name PC.

    Have you tried capturing directly to the LGP2, without it being connected to the computer?

    What is the OSSC showing on its LCD screen?

    To be certain, this is the avermedia external capture device you have?


    I have the game on my Second monitor, just no display from the capture card itself.

    This is my current computer.

    With capturing directly to the capture card no, I have not yet today. I actually just received it about 90 minutes before I made this post. It was capturing my PS4 Pro earlier though while I tested it.

    The OSSC is showing currently

    AV1: RGBS 262p
    15.72kHz 60.01HJz

    When I hit 1 on the remote the OSSC works perfectly from what I can see. The only thing so far is capturing that is giving me a problem…

    When I hooked up the card and sect the Linemult mode to 2, it reads

    AV1: RGBS 262p
    15.73kHz 60.05Hz

    I also have the game on my monitor when the HDMI is split, but all I can capture through the card is audio

    Thank you for the help


    The SNES is a fun case, in that it has a jittery sync signal that a lot of devices won’t tolerate.

    Does video come back if you change the HDMI TX mode to DVI? And do you have any other 240p/480i consoles to test with?


    Did you ever find a solution? I’m using an Avermedia LGP2 and having the same exact problem. I just get a black screen in my streaming software (OBS) but it works on my external monitor just fine.


    I’m using the exact same setup. Same capture card and everything. Can’t get it to work at all with the OSSC. If anyone has any onformation I’d really appreciate it.


    Honestly I could never get the card to work no matter how much I tweaked it or how much help I had. I ended up having a defective LPG2 regardless and I went with an elgato cam link which is ridiclioully expansive now. However I am now using thos with my OSSC and I have absolutely no lag at all


    Thanks, I was actually already looking at a datapath vision and a scart cleaner, was just hoping I wouldn’t have to pull the trigger just yet.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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