High pitch/frequency buzz 1.6

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    I am getting a high pitch buzz sound from all of my consoles connected to AV1. In addition, I occasionally get sync drops on x2 (all other modes seem stable). This unit is a direct replacement of a 1.5 (w/out audio) that I never had issues with within the same setup.

    Here are relevant details:
    -the loud noise is worse from a Sega CDX and Duo R (doujindance modded), both using retrogamingcables scart cables, but it’s still noticeable from a 2 chip SNES and an NESRGB modded NES. The CDX is a bit noisy (both image and sound) regardless of setup, but running it through the new OSSC seems to have exacerbated the sound problem.
    -all consoles are connected to a GSCARTSW_lite
    -One of the outputs of the switcher is going to a PVM and audio is getting routed from BNC connectors to a 5.1 audio receiver. This signal does not exhibit the aforementioned loud buzz.
    -The other output goes to the OSSC, HDMI out to a 1080P Vizio, which in turn outputs SPDIF optical to the same audio receiver. This is where the loud buzz is heard.
    -I tried swapping the output cables from the switcher, but that did not make a difference

    The Vizio is very tolerant to pretty much all line modes, so the sync issues at x2 doesnt bother me too much (besides it being weird that it did not happen in the previous model), but the audio buzz is very significant.

    Any ideas of what could be happening here and possible workarounds?


    Is the buzz in the analogue audio or digital?


    Sorry missed that.

    I’m using digital out, as I have the toggle set to A2 IN for the component source. I don’t get buzz in component sources (XBOX, PS2 or PSP).


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