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    I need your attention to the following issue I have, I read on web that this is a common problem.

    I’ve been suffering of the horizontal sync jitter issue with all of my CRT tvs sony Trinitrons (kv-21cl10e and kv-21fq10e) for most of my retro consoles, such as snes, super famicom, sega mega drive, sega genesis, wii, neo geo AES, also in a few playstation 1 games (if I remember well).
    Here it is:

    Using later generation consoles like the playstation 2, playstation 3 I won’t have any problem and it is totally jitter free for all of my CRT TVs using as always RGB video cables.
    This jitter effect was driving me crazy, I thought, that my consoles were faulty. The brighter the screen is, the more likely it is to notice it easier.
    I recently picked up a sega Saturn and a sega dreamcast, unfortunately I haven’t test these consoles yet, but it looks like the jitter horizontal effect shows up when CRT tvs are displaying low resolutions, like the snes 240p resolution, for example.

    My neo geo AES on my CRT tv Philips 29’ is working like a charm, it has brilliant and steady picture. The same neo geo AES console on my sony Trinitrons, gets the jitter sync issue.

    Watching a movie with a compatible dvd player I get beautiful rock solid picture with no issues to all my CRT tvs.

    After some tweaking on my Philips 29’ (29pt9417_12) CRT TV I managed to remove the horizontal jitter effect for snes sfamicom as far as I remember, but only temporarily, I was using the digital options menu like the pixel plus, the movie plus, double lines or 100hz digital scan that Philips has implemented to the Tv’s menu. The jitter effect was coming back after a few seconds for only a moment. Again, the image was not stable.
    I suppose it’s a TV compatibility issue, at the end of the day, maybe it all depends on the CRT TV model and maybe I should start looking for used CRT TVs in good condition.
    What are your thoughts?

    All the following cables are purchased from https://www.retrogamingcables.co.uk

    My sega mega drive and sega genesis are unmodded unmodified consoles both model 1 — > I use the sega mega drive 1 / Genesis 1 RGB scart Packapunch pro cable with stereo sound.

    My snes pal console and superfamicom console is RGB bypass modified with the TH-7314 chip installed. There are both 1 chip-01 consoles. My snes pal console is CSYNC modded on pin 3.

    I use the super nintendo famicom snes RGB scart cable for NTSC console csync with the resistor on the sync line for both my snes pal and superfamicom consoles.

    I read on web that PAL SNES was internally revised 4 or more times during its lifetime. Later consoles used a different video encoder chip and supporting circuitry and ‘appear’ to work fine with an unmodified PAL Gamecube/NTSC SNES Scart cable (with capacitors).

    I had found the following information on my SNSP-001A(FRG) snes PAL model console. Apparently it works with the GC RGB SCART cable. But it mentions that it had resistors inside the GC SCART, however, a GC SCART should have capacitors and not resistors on the RGB lines, so I don’t know whether this is a mistake by whoever wrote this.

    I had also found this on the Gamesx.com website here.

    Here it is another site that that mentions my snes PAL model anomaly.

    For the ps1 console I use the playstation RGB scart packapunch pro cable for ps1
    For the ps2 console I use playstation RGB scart packapunch pro cable for ps2

    For my neo geo AES console I use the SNK neo geo AES stereo RGB AV scart cable lead with composite sync.

    For my wii pal console I use the nintendo wii RGB scart cable composite sync CSYNC.

    At the hdretrovision wesite these guys suggest to use an intermediary device in between the YPbPr cable and the TV, such as an A/V receiver or a video processor. I ordered the gscartsw and waiting to receive my order. Maybe with the gscartsw my issues will disappear after all?

    Any help will be appreciated.


    I was curious if the Gscart helped at all?

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