How do I get the audio to work?

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    I received my OSSC yesterday and I have the video side of things sorted but I’m still trying to figure out on how to get the audio working.

    For video, I use v1 component for video and for av2 I use the left right audio part of the cable using a scart adapter.
    Even with the left and right cables in, I still get no sound.

    I used the audio toggle switch but that did not help.

    Looking at the PDF file, one of the options was to “Use a different display or choose a
    different line multiplication mode”. Not sure how I would change a different Line Multiplication Mode.

    I then attempted to connect my speakers to the OSSC via 3.5mm headphone jack which the volume did come on but the volume was way too loud and for some reason I couldn’t turn the volume down.

    Is there a way I can get the audio to work by getting it to output through the HDMI without having to use a headphone jack?

    If not, then I guess I will have to invest in a audio splitter.

    Please help.

    – Japiapian


    Use the 3.5mm connector to the left of the HDMI connector (labelled A2 IN) to feed in audio for component video on v1.6. You only need the SCART adapter on V1.5 + audio expansion board.


    I’d like to second that the audio coming out of the 3.5mm jack is also too loud for me as well, but it’s the only option for my current setup. I have to turn down the Line-In on my PC about 50% for the OSSC compared to my other consoles. I saw that there was an option for volume gain adjustment in the documentation but my assumption is that it’s only for the separate audio board upgrade used for sending audio through DVI/HDMI. Is there a way to adjust the volume that I’m missing?


    The audio out is literally just pass-through from the console. So afaik you cannot adjust it.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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