how to connect with Amiga CD32?

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    Can anyone give advice about how to use OSSC with an (unexpanded) Amiga CD32? I tried connecting it with a s-video to scart cable but only got sound, no video. I also tried connecting it with a composite video cable but I the image is black and white with disturbances. Most grateful for advice!


    The OSSC only takes RGB and YPbPr. You will need to either find an RGB/YPbPr decoder (which will probably net you mixed results) or mod your console to output RGB.


    For the CD32 various hardware add-ons exist that add RGB output capability too, without the need to mod the machine.


    I use my CD32 with TF328 card, available complete at Amibay.

    I was going to mod my CD32 with RGB out, but then the TF328 cards became available and why solder, when I can get 8MB Fastram + IDE controller with CF card. WHDLoad works great with TF328.

    Here is the CD32 RGB MOD.


    You can just buy an RBG cable from, no modification required.

    You will need either an RGB adapter from beavis on amibay, or the TF328 as mentioned above, but make sure you get the kit with the riser from supaduper on amibay as it already has the 23pin RGB connector built in.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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