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    I’ve just got myself a Retrotink 2X Pro and trying to get it working with my C64 (Breadbin)

    I’ve got a C64 and VIC-20 and previously I made up a cable from the C64/VIC to SCART which I connected to my old CRT. This worked perfectly but TV has since died so I’m trying to get it working on a Lenovo monitor via HDMI. (I was able to use the same cable for both computers connecting in pin 4 (video) and pin 3 (audio) to SCART)

    Have now taken off the SCART connector and connected pin 4 to a RCA and connected to the green connector on the Retrotink.

    Set the correct input, comb: retro, mode: line2x. Retrotink connected to the monitor via HDMI

    The VIC-20 works perfectly but on the C64 there is nothing on the screen. What am I missing? Is there some mod I have to do to the C64? (If it helps anything I also have a OSCC but have read this doesn’t work with the C64, hence why I bought a Retrotink)

    Update: After some tinkering around I’ve now built a S/Video cable which is working 100%.

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