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    I got my ossc v1.6 device, and I have some AV cable and S-Video device like new fc, sega saturn, nintendo gamecube, I convert av cable to rgb scart with an adapter, when I connect it to OSSC, LCD will show input info in AV1, but the screen is black and empty.

    How can I do it ? How can I use my av cable device with OSSC ?


    You can’t, OSSC accepts only RGB or YPbPr.

    There are a few converters out there, see more in this thread:


    I recently acquired the Extron IN1508 because I wanted to push my Atari 2600 clone (Sears Video Arcade II) on through the OSSC and I’ve only ever modded it for S-Video output. It’s got two composite and two s-video inputs along with a flurry of other higher quality connections that all route through a 15 pin d-sub connector that will plug in the OSSC’s AV3.

    After some playing around with it to learn the setup I’ve been pretty pleased with the outcome. The nice thing is they can come fairly cheap on eBay. I only paid about 33 bucks for mine including shipping.


    Great, thx for your help, Extron is so large, I will find some small size converters.


    I, too, purchased an IN1508, and, while I think it’s a really neat device and does what it’s supposed to do well, it doesn’t do what I want/need it to do.

    I was very displeased to find that its scaler cannot be disabled–which kind of makes sense, since it’s a presentation scaler, not strictly a scan converter; so it forces you to select a specific output resolution and then scales to that–and it will apply deinterlacing to 240p content over S-Video and Composite whether or not you want it to.

    After the IN1508, I tracked down a Kramer FC-4044, which works great fine–it will take an S-Video or Composite source and convert it to YPbPr and RGBS without any additional processing. Sadly, it introduces a ton of video noise; I have no idea why it does that or how to fix that, and, weirdly, running it into the IN1508 eliminates the noise. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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