I wondered whats the point of vertical scan lines. And then ………

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    Then it all made sense.


    VERTICAL MODE!!!!!!!!!

    OSSC being used with a monitor on its side

    Close up of vertical scanlines being used on Ikaruga (Dreamcast) in tate mode.

    hmmm my fav way of playing it now.


    I don’t have my OSSC yet and I’m not 100% sure how the arcade monitors for this game (and other TATE mode) games are designed so this is a question for those more knowledgeable than I:

    When this came out in the arcade would it not have been designed for a CRT turned 90 degrees? Hence the scanlines would have been horizontal as normal and would only appear vertical because the monitor was turned 90 degrees? Hence you should be using normal horizontal scanlines and then turning the monitor 90 degrees to get it looking more like how it would in the arcade original?

    In my head that makes sense but I’d love to know for sure as I’m also an Ikaruga fan.



    Yes, the scanlines are horizontal, so turning the screen/monitor like this would mean they go from top to bottom. On the OSSC you have the option to generate the scan lines horizontally, like normal, or it can generate them vertically. I tried them vertically and it made the game look great.
    This is running at 480P via the VGA cable so really it doesn’t need scanlines anyway so I think its a matter of preference which way you set them.

    I’ve been trying for about 4-5 weeks to upload a review of the OSSC but I can’t seem to do it justification.


    You can use the vertical scanlines when running tate games in yoko/horizontal mode to make them look authentic.. or, just do what you want/what looks good to you, it’s your setup 🙂

    I used to put scanlines on the old Scott Pilgrim Vs the World game on my 360, even though they didn’t line up perfectly with the pseudo-pixels etc I still liked the look.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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