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    I think it would be awesome if we could import and export our profile settings from an SD micro card. Ideally importing settings would put profiles back to how they were before a firmware update. If that’s not possible perhaps there could be an option to dump each profiles settings to a text file that could be read on a computer. That way we wouldn’t have to write down each profiles settings every time we do a firmware update. We could just look at the text file on a computer.


    I also would like to see this. Below are my comments from the firmware thread. Would like to see a way to keep profiles when upgrading firmware and a way to enable binding default profiles to inputs.

    Is there any way to prevent firmware updates from clearing the profiles? Or allow the user to save and store the profiles on an SD card so that updating the firmware won’t affect profiles?

    Would also be interesting in binding default profiles to individual inputs until the user changes them manually. Maybe allow this with a config file?


    Perhaps the best implementation would be a PC application where user could generate profiles (stored internally e.g. as XML) and export them out to a file (formatted according to target fw version) which can be written to SD card and subsequently loaded in OSSC.


    Memory is really tight on the OSSC at the moment, and I am afraid only importing may be viable. I have been working on support for importing settings from the microSD card and even just that takes us within a few hundred bytes (note: not kilobytes!) of using all of the remaining usable memory. I am still trying to get the memory usage lower, but do not expect any miracles.

    Writing a PC application to manage settings and write them to the SD card is probably the way to go, especially given that there simply is not enough memory left on the OSSC to maintain any kind of backward compatibility for existing settings when the firmware is upgraded.


    I’d really like to see this as well. Has there been any development on importing settings from SD card ?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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