Interference on Super Famicom with OSSC

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    I’m getting some pretty bad interference when using my SFC with my OSSC. I’ve tried using it on multiple displays and I get the same issue, I would test the SFC without the OSSC but I have no other means of connecting it to a display. I have a feeling the problem is with the power supply as I’m using an aftermarket one at 9v instead of 10v, but I just want to rule out that its not an issue with my SCART cables or OSSC.

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    The faint vertical line is far far more pronounced than it’s meant to be, and can be easily seen even over bright colours. The diagonal interference also seems to flicker slightly.

    Any help at all would be fantastic… Sorry if this is in the wrong place!


    While the output from some multichip SNES consoles can be noisy, I would absolutely try another PSU as a first step. I had noise on my NES that was cured by simply swapping to a good quality PSU.


    Thanks for the reply 🙂 I’ll try get my hands on a good official one, hopefully that fixes it!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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