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    I’ve had a lot of success with various consoles over the few weeks i’ve had the OSSC, even with problematic consoles such as a region modded Megadrive. I dont have to adjust the sync for any of them to get a crystal clear image with no drop out. However since the introduction of the OSSC into my setup i’d run out of HDMI sockets.

    Yesterday i bought an active (powered) hdmi switch plugged various consoles and the OSSC into it, plugged it into the tv and went to play some megadrive but the sync kept dropping during play. Adjusting the sync on the OSSC made it more stable but not like it was. I decided to bypass the hdmi switch and put it straight into the TV but i still had the same issue. It wasn’t until i’d powered down the hdmi switch that the sync became solid again. I removed the hdmi switch from my setup and plugged it in in the next room and the sync started to drop again. When the switch is on it doesnt effect any other console/piece of kit, even ones plugged into it.

    I’ve now returned the switch but i was wondering if others on here are having similar issues potentially with other electronic devices that could be causing sync issues, remember it doesnt even have to be in the same room!


    I’ve not experienced that, though I did hear someone say changing PSU for their Megadrive (from an all in one to separate bricks for MD and MegaCD) made a difference.

    I wonder if those power “cleaners” actually do anything in this situation, always seemed a bit far fetched to clean power.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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