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    Hello, I got OSSC yesterday that works great on my SNES and N64 with progressive output but its doing something a bit odd with interlaced outputs on the odd N64 game that uses it. The issue I am getting is the image appear a bit unstable. It kind of jiggers every so slightly that at a quick glance looks fine but if you try and play a game it becomes incredibly irritating. I have tried it on two N64s one with Amp mod RGB and one with Tim W mod RGB. I have tried both GC and SNES RGB cables and I have tried 3 TVs, 2 projectors and a bunch of different HDMI cables and every combination I have tried has had the same issue. So I am assuming its something in the OSSC settings I need to change? The RGB signal is being feed over SCART and the OSSC is set on 2 for line doubling with scan lines off. What am I doing wrong? Thanks

    EDIT: after reading a few more posts I worked out I was just being an idiot. I was under the impression it automatically passed through interlaced signals but turns out it will default on bob deinterlacing. My bad

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