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    `Hi there

    Got my ossc a week ago and loving it so far, but recently either the remote or the ir sensor started behaving oddly and I can only use the remote if I stay literally 1cm away from the irsensor and only at a specific angle.
    I’ve changed the batteries in the remote 3 times and removed the psu for 12 hours on the ossc itself but nothing helped.

    As I said it was working fine the first couple of days and all of a sudden is having trouble

    Anyone else having similar issues? Any tip on how to fix it?

    Thank You


    Seems very odd, usually at that distance the IR sensor won’t respond at all.


    I do have a friend here with an OSSC so I will try his remote as well and report back

    this is how close it needs to be


    Sounds like the IR receiver has a weak solder joint. If you can try other OSSC/remote, then you should know which one is faulty.


    Just tried another OSSC remote and it’s behaving the same way. It only works if I keep it really close

    if it is the ir sensor what shall I do in order to fix it?



    I’ve managed to do some more testing and I think the unit is totally fine and I just happen to have some kind of interference in my game room.
    In fact if I take the ossc into another room the remote works just fine.

    I’m glad I’ve figured this out and hopefully this will be helpful in case someone else will run into the same issue

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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