Is it compatible with YPbPr through SCART?

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    So, I was thinking about building a setup for both original Xbox and Wii. These two consoles have a quirk: they only allow 480p signal if plugged via component cable.

    The problem is that I have a huge SCART switch but I haven’t a YPbPr one (I would not like to buy one either for just two consoles). So I was thinking about buying two of these:

    Since SCART can handle YPbPr signal, I was wondering if it could be used in an OSSC setup.

    That would save me a LOT of money…


    Yes, I believe so. As long as the wiring is standardized, which I can’t confirm cos I never used one.


    So there should not be any problem at all if I use a Wii with YPbPr out, connect it to a passive YPbPr-to-SCART converter, then to my SCART switch and finally to the OSSC. Am I right? Can anyone confirm this?

    Thank you!


    It should be fine if your scart switch is ‘dumb’, i.e. does not need status voltage or dedicated sync line to switch on target input.


    So, things like Gscartsw or W-Hydra (×16 SCART ports) should work fine with this, shouldn’t they?


    GScart won’t work as it uses the composite video/composite sync line to detect inputs. I’m not sure what Hydra uses (waiting for Lotharek to get back to me).

    I feed in component video to mine using an Extron Crosspoint, works great. I don’t use the component video inputs at all.


    The GSCARTSW will default to port 8 if it can’t detect sync… So you “could” have one of those plugged into the GSCARTSW and it’d work fine (it’s what I do for the PS2’s RGsB/sync on green).

    The Hydra has the benefit of a manual switch.

    Just wondering though, where did you find the SCART adaptor with the R/L audio channels? eBay/Amazon (UK) aren’t throwing up anything for me.


    @BuckoA51: Hm, I’ve talked to Superg, the creator of Gscartsw, but maybe I should contact him again on that topic.

    Component cable is a must for both Wii and Xbox, I am afraid. Other cables would output 480i only, while YPbPr cables output 480p (and 720p in some Xbox games). That’s why I want it to run through a SCART cable and be compatible with Gscartsw (or other devices).

    : I would love to know if there is another workaround with this option.

    There is not a YPbPr + Stereo audio to SCART adaptor. It doesn’t exist. Why not? Don’t know, but it’s true. However, Europe has millions of composite+audio to SCART adaptors. So what I want to do is some sort of custom adaptor. A custom PCB with a custom 3D printed case would be the thing. If you are interested, please ask (or suggest, as I’m confused about the use of it along with Gscartsw).


    @QuickRat: Such adapter does exist but is just hard to find – I have a couple of these, and while not being best build quality, they do their job just fine.


    Oh, thanks a lot, @marqs!

    Now you mention, some people at Shmups are saying that the proper way in order to make this work is:

    Y — Pins 17 and 20 (those used for composite video)
    Pb — Pins 5 and 7 (those used for blue in a RGB signal)
    Pr — Pins 13 and 15 (those used for red in a RGB signal)
    Audio — Pins 2 (R), 6 (L) and 4 (ground)

    Y is being routed to composite video pins instead of green ones because of Gscartsw. It detects the source at pin 20, so if there’s nothing there, it won’t detect it as a valid source and will ignore it (unless it’s in port 8).

    The thing is, would the OSSC be able to handle a YPbPr signal using that setup? In other words, Y signal through pin 20 would be accepted by OSSC?


    No, only sync is processed from pin 20, not luma.


    Hm, so the only way would be finding a SCART switch that allows manual selection, am I right?

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