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    What cable exactly am I buying here? Can some someone explain it like I’m five?

    If you guys ever make a Koryuu 2, I recommend a micro usb or usb C method of firmware update.


    you can search for an USPISP or USBASP programmer, you’ll find many at few dollars on all hw store. Choose the one with 6 pin ISP cable.
    Then, you can follow the guide you linked, or use ATMEL studio tools (but this last one SW it is compatible only with “MKII programmer”).

    Magnus Kvevlander

    The Koryū is powered by an Atmel Atmega328P microcontroller (MC).

    You basically just need some way to re-flash that. The USBISP compatible ones mentioned are easy to come by and quite cheap (eBay is your friend). Which software you use to reprogram the MC does not matter, and several different are available. I myself use a Bus pirate as a programmer and the open source ‘avrdude’ software, but the end result is the same.

    If you just google something like “Atmel microcontroller programming guide” you should find a lot of easy to follow guides to help you.

    As mentioned in the other reply above, you also need to make sure that you get the six pin female ISP cable to connect your programmer to the MC. Make sure to verify the pin out not to break anything.

    Atmel MCs are rugged, so it should be quite hard to brick anything beyond recoverability, but double check all connections just to be sure.


    For the software side of things, the suggested procedure and choice of software is perhaps a bit outdated. I have been aching to create proper instructions, but all I have at the moment is this very WIP, non-narrated screencast: Koryuu fw Windows 10 flashing setup Screencast

    It’s not very good (contains missteps and pauses while thinking), but hopefully better than nothing. Please read the video description if it’s difficult to tell what is going on.


    Thanks I’ll try to make sense of this this weekend.


    Hi @AJBats,

    if you are still struggling with getting the firmware on your Koryuu updated, the instructions on the junkerhq wiki page have been updated with essentially the same process as in the screencast. If you’re willing to give it a try, please let me know if you experience any trouble.



    Thanks for asking! Actually I’m still waiting on that special USB programmer. The first one I ordered was lost in the mail. When it finally arrived literally a month later, it was smashed to pieces. I’ve ordered a replacement and tracking says it just cleared customs. I realize I coulda just gone to a hardware store at this point but I got busy with a move. I’ll reply in this thread when I get it all working. Thanks again!


    Hey @megari I found out Amazon sells USBASP programmers so I just got one next day lol.
    I went through the process using a combination of the steps from the wiki and the video, and I was able to get it updated.

    Results: The 480i from dreamcast s-video looks fixed for me, Great job! I did some AB testing by switching between my CRT’s native s-video port, and component through the koryuu s-video. Both pictures looked very nearly identical. The only thing I saw was the colors might be slightly brighter going through the koryuu. This might be a TV setting for all I know.

    As for 240p test… I was using a genesis model 1 with sonic 1 to test the composite transparency trick on the waterfalls. My main goal in using the koryuu is to sidestep my trinitron’s bad dot crawl issue with composite signals. This generally works, but the koryuu introduces some other issues. For example the dimensions of the overscan changes slightly, and I am able to see the edges of the left side of the picture when using the Koryuu vs the native composite input. Also, the quality of the color change is much more significant. Colors seem to be blown out and maybe slightly hue shifted. I wish I could give more specifics than that. It is difficult to screenshot the subtle differences on the CRT picture. The last issue is there is a steady flicker to the image that I do not see on native composite, or s-video dreamcast into the koryuu. I wonder if this could be the age of the genesis not playing well with the koryuu. I have a much younger Genesis 3 that I will experiment with when I get the chance.

    Thanks for the help.


    I have try to update the Koryuu with an Atmel Avr ISP MKII but I failed 🙁 (the software didn’t see the controller inside the Koryuu )
    Perhaps a voltage problem with the jumpers at the down left part of the programmer?
    May I used Microschip studio software (Programming tool module) instead ? It’s seams to see the correct controller inside the Koryuu but I’m afraid to lost the internal firmware in case of failure so I prefer to ask you before I try.
    Thanks a lot.


    This post in another thread here mentions using AVR studio and MKII to update Koryuu:

    New Koryuu test firmware 1.1-test1

    NOTE: I’ve no experience programming MCUs


    Ok thanks !

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