Issue with Component and my capture card.

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    When using Component input with my capture card, here is the issue I get.

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    The passthrough cuts off half the video and the Line 2x is very unstable and not very watchable. I used the PS2 home screen, but it’s way worse in games. Both passthrough and Line 2x work perfectly fine on my monitor. Anyone possibly have any ideas on how to fix this? The capture card has no issues with the RGB from both my Snes and N64 and works up to Line4x.

    This is the capture card I use.

    Amazon Link

    — Just tested a PS1 game through my PS2 and it works just fine on Linex4 with no jittering.
    — Also tested a PS2 game in Progressive mode by holding X and Triangle at startup. Works perfect on LineX2 in Progressive.


    Jittering is normal for fast deinterlacing. Perhaps your capture card doesn’t support 480i via HDMI/DVI?


    It does support it

    It also works fine if I just connect it via the component adapter that it came with, but obviously not upscaled.

    Calle W

    I have this issue with 480i passthrough too. I’m using a Micomsoft SC-512N1-L/DVI, which I know marqs uses. I posted about this issue on the shmups forums as well. Haven’t tried to get it to work, since I just assumed the card doesn’t support 480i over HDMI/DVI.

    EDIT: The issue is exactly the same on my old BenQ G2400WD. 480i passthrough does not seem to work at all with the BenQ RL2460HT.



    Sorry to dig this one up, but I am currently having the exact same issue with the component input and my capture card. The picture looks much better in passthru mode on the OSSC, but it only displays half of the picture. I am on FW 0.73 currently, and I’m using the SC512n1-L as well. (I’ll have the latest firmware once my 2gb micro sd card comes in the mail, so I apologize if this issue has been corrected already.)

    I’ve had no issues with analog input to the capture card in 480i using the component breakout cable, but from the OSSC it just doesn’t seem to work properly. I’ve tried a lot of settings in both Amarec and OBS. Has anyone found a solution to this yet? I’m about to try using MPCHC to try to correct the issue, but it seems to be a capture card or OSSC issue. Let me know if you need more specific info.


    I have a new PS2 coming in the mail as mine was too new to use FreeMCBoot. Going to just boot my games into 480p using that and hopefully it works fine. Otherwise, I have not been able to solve the issue.


    I checked my SC-512N1-L/DVI with interlace and was able to reprocude the issue. Not sure what it causing it since the signal appear to be fine, need to check with other digital 480i sources next.


    Got in my new PS2. Xploader and GSM are super wonky. While it works for now so I can capture, I’m hoping maybe this issue gets fixed eventually.


    After the .77 update, when I turn TX mode to HMDMI, I no longer have an issue with 480i Passthrough. :D!


    I see that Marqs was going to look into other 480i sources on line 2x with the sc512. I’m having this issue with the ps2 exclusively. Tried Sony component cables , rgb scart as well. Still have really bad jitter regardless of options. Any response would be appreciated. 🙂

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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