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    Hi i am having an issue with scanlines for most systems. It was working fine the last time i checked (i don’t always use scanlines) but noticed something has been off lately. There seems to be uneven scanlines thickness and too many lines no matter if its 2x 3x or passthrough. I haven’t changed setting on my tv and it is set to “game mode” and all sharpness settings etc have beeen locked while in game mode to prioritize low input lag. It is worth noting i am running the OSSC through a DVDO scaler. Perhaps the issue might lie in there somewhere but i have fiddled around to no avail.

    Any help on the matter? Any input would be much appreciated, i love the OSSC!

    Here are some pictures of wierd scanlines:




    Can you bypass the dvdo and connect the ossc directly to your TV or do you have another TV that you can test both configurations (with and without dvdo, that is)?

    What console or consoles? Cables?


    You have some kind of underscan/overscan or picture stretch option enabled on your DVDO.


    This is likely caused by some kind of stretch scaling artifact as bucko says. Generally something that stretches the vertical disproportionately to the horizontal.

    I’m not familiar with other dvdo products, but on my dvdo duo I can change picture aspect ratio, active aspect ratio, and zoom +/-, without distorting the scanlines. However, actually changing the vertical stretch independently will result in similar patterns to what you show.

    Then again, I recently tried a lumagen HDQ and no matter what settings i changed (after messing with it for hours) I couldn’t get it to not have those distorted scanlines. So YMMV.


    What model of dvdo is it?


    Hi, sorry for late reply i am in Europe.

    I have a DVDO iScan HD+

    I will fiddle around with the DVDO right now and try your suggestions, I just wanted to reply first.

    I possibly could bypass the DVDO and go straight to the TV but to be honest my setup is fairly complex and wires are hidden from view for a nice clean look, and it would be an absolute hassle to do. So i will only try it as a last resort.

    Thanks for getting back to me! I will see what more i can do with the DVDO right now.


    So, i realised there was an easy way of determining it was definetly the DVDO that was causing the issue without dismantling my setup. I remembered that the DVDO doesn’t accept resolutions past a certain point so i used line x4 mode on my Playstaion 1 so that the DVDO just passed the signal through to my tv and the scanlines looked fine. However i do prefer the look of line x3 240p upscaled to 1080p by the DVDO so i kept messing around with the settings of the DVDO. Somewhere along the way i lost all signal from the DVDO and could no longer see the DVDO menu on the TV and could not regain picture…oooops! So i thought screw it and reset to factory defaults. Then noticed the scanlines were back to looking sweet as hell! Then i just made a few adjustments and tweaks like making sure the output format was 1080p60 and its looking fine again!

    So annoyingly i don’t have a definitive awnser as to why the problem occurred because i never had any alterations to Vshift Hshift or anything like that in the first place. And, i am not sure what exact setting was causing the scanlines to loose their collective crap lol On the bright side it is good for now! Thanks guys!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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