Jitter Master System and Mega Drive

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    It is that cable and there isnt any mention of a sync stripper.
    I have changed alot of settings but nothing seems to help.
    Maybe its a combination of settings that need adjusting.
    Im going to try a different rgb cable today hopefully that helps


    Does it happen in every lineX mode? Maybe try to tweak V.synclen in Advanced timing tweaker.


    I can only use 2x mode, i have tried changing the V.synclen but doesnt make a difference.
    I have also tried a different rgb cable but with the same result. So i can only assume its something the mega drive and mastersystem output that the ossc doesnt like


    it turns out its a strange issue the tv had with the mega drive/ master system being passed through the ossc.
    i set the ossc on my main tv and the issue wasnt there.
    I just need to get a good tv that supports everything.


    Pretty rare for a TV not to work at 2x, that’s very unlucky.

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)
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