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    I have been trying to get all my consoles hooked up to my TV (Panasonic th-58pz700u) and noticed something strange with the NEC consoles. I have a few stock NEC consoles and all that I tried have the same result (something with their sync signal is my best guess). If I plug the NEC console (US TG-16, US Turbo Duo, JP briefcase) into the Koryuu via composite cable, then Koryuu to OSSC via component, everything works fine. If I do not use the OSSC or have something between the Koryuu and OSSC (more detail to come), I do not get a stable picture. NEC Console = any of the 3 mentioned (all 60Hz)

    From what I have tried:
    NEC Console to Koryuu to OSSC, picture is fine (240p)

    NEC Console to Koryuu to TV directly (component input), I get no picture.

    NEC Console to Koryuu to GBS 8200 (using GBS Control) to OSSC, if set to either 240p or 480p on GBS, I get an a partially rolling screen (seems to loose sync on the second). By this I mean it looks very interlaced and rolling for about 1 second, then the picture stabilizes for about a quarter second, rinse and repeat. Sometimes it lands on the correct picture, others the screen is split in half (bottom of one frame on top, top of next frame on bottom – hence the reason I think its a sync signal).

    If I try the same tests with a US NES, it works fine via all connection options. This is why I think it’s an issue with just NEC consoles.

    I’m not sure if this is something that can be reproduced and diagnosed or if it’s something I need to plan around. I dont know if the Koryuu can correct this or if I need to look at other means of correcting the sync before feeding it to the Koryuu. I’d prefer to leave these stock and not RGB mod them. I plan to run all component video consoles through the GBS 8200 to use motion adaptive instead of bob deinterlace, which is how I found the issue. I recently updated the Koryuu to the 1.1 firmware as well, but the issue persists.

    Thank you!


    Perhaps your TV doesn’t support 240p on its component inputs?

    Not sure why you’d chain a GBS 8200 to your OSSC like that.


    You are probably correct about the tv not supporting 240p via component. I hadn’t thought of that.

    The reason for the chain is that I have all my component cable out consoles going through a switch to the OSSC. While I like the unit, I dislike the handling of 480i content (not a fan of Bob deinterlacing). The GBS is inline to convert 480i to 480p with motion adaptive deinterlacing only. I have the GBS pass anything not 480i through. Since the Koryuu is on this switch, it causes an issue with the NEC consoles.

    It’s not a huge deal and can work around it, but didn’t know if there was a difference with the NEC signal that works cause incompatibly.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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