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    So I just got my OSSC 1.6 in and my LG EC9300 is compatible with 2X, 3X, 4X, and 5x with my Saturn and N64. Also works great with Dreamcast 2X vga. However, I cannot get snes to sync up even with 2X. Is my tv not compatible with snes? Is there some advance sync tips anyone can share that I can try for my snes?



    Does the OSSC itself say No Sync?


    No. The OSSC says it’s outputing normally. The tv gets a picture on pass through but very out of sync and drops in and out. Nothing on 2X and 3x shows a picture but all distorted. I think it has to do with the snes 60.08hz output not playing nice with the lg oled ec9300. Any advanced timing setting you know of to smooth out the sync? Appears that 3x would work if timing was changing somehow.


    It’s to do with the SNES’ non-periodic hsync. Unfortunately there’s no solution yet but we’re still looking into it.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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