LGHD Vsync Incompatability?

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    So here’s a fun one.

    I’ve got my modded N64 hooked up the OSSC, hooked up to an Avermedia LGHD. The results are basically that either I get a frozen screen, an invisible output (like no signal but i get the sound), a blank screen, or uh — that.
    I’ve diagnosed that the N64 isn’t actually the problem causing this weird issue though, because I hooked up the N64 to an El Gato HD 60 and it comes out perfectly. So the EL Gato HD 60 USB card can go down as compatible as far as I’m concerned.
    However, the Avermedia is a bit different as you can see. It’s having the weirdest issues. Flipping settings on and off, like line tripling or thresholds seems to bring a black picture back to the rolling/falling image, but I’ve never gotten it stable. Also that image doesn’t hold either. If I switch the feed on and off it’s gone, and I have to fiddle with things again until it comes back. Very odd.

    I’ve tried many different resolutions + FPS for the capture card and it’s the same result. Something with how the device is outputting this card simply doesn’t like. Anyone wanna help me out in finding a fix? This is a pretty popular card to capture with, so fixing it here would probably help out a lot of people.

    Let me know if you want any specific specs.
    This is SCART RGBS in AV1 btw


    comparison of El Gato HD 60 and Avermedia LGHD

    more comparisons between el gato and avermedia

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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