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    I was using my OSSC with my modchipped NTSC PS2 over RGB SCART, and had it running uLaunchelf for about 5-10 minutes while I was copying some PSX memory card files. After a bit, I’ve noticed some light jitter but figured it was an interference on my cables or something.

    When I rebooted the PS2, I could still see on every other line, the buttons for the uLaunchelf interface. Found it strange and turned off the PS2, the OSSC and the monitor (unplugged from the outlet, for about 5 minutes).

    When I turned the OSSC and the monitor on, I could see those lines even on the OSSC test image!

    Is there something I should do, maybe factory reset it (I was afraid to lose my settings)? Is my OSSC faulty somehow?

    The image here:

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    OK, after a few more minutes of everything turned off, they seem to be gone.

    Is this burn-in-like effect expected from OSSC?


    did you have uLaunchelf running in 480i? The OSSCs deinterlacer does cause jitter/flickering because of how it works (without a frame buffer).

    This can cause image retention/burn in on some displays. I should probably put a warning on the Wiki about that.


    Yep! OSSC shows “RGBS 525i, 15.73kHz 59.94Hz” — that’s 480i, correct?

    Thanks! I was surprised to not see it go away when I first restarted everything, so I worried for a bit there. 🙂

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