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    So I want to get a 4K TV that is able to do 3 things

    1. Support 4K@60Hz
    2. Supports all OSSC modes
    3. Works well as a PC monitor via DisplayPort to HDMI
    4. Has low input lag
    5. Is between 40 and 45 inches

    Looking at the TV compatibility thread, the models listed seem obselete or too large. I tried an LG TV earlier and all OSSC modes worked but the PC would constantly drop signal.

    Any recommendations?


    Any reason why you want to support /all/ OSSC modes? You only need compatibility with the ones you prefer.

    For a sharp picture, 5x
    For a more CRT like picture, 3x

    If your TVs dropping signal with the PC it may be that your displayport adapter doesn’t have enough bandwidth. You’d be better off going HDMI out of your graphics card directly if that’s an option?


    Forgot to update. I got a 4k TV now. I should have said all optimized modes.

    This new TV accepts all modes and works great as a PC monitor. It does have issues with the N64 but that’s only minor


    So after a week and a half with the new 4k TV, I’ve found it to accept anything the OSSC throws at it.

    I wasn’t aware that the V. Active setting could be used to resize the picture. Couple of questions though

    1. Can this cause issues with optimal timings?
    2. Can this damage the OSSC or the display?



    1. No (only h.samplerate and phase is relevant for optimal timings as the goal is to get one digital sample per original output dot).
    2. No.


    Thanks. At least now I have more control over the image.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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