Looking to learn + try to get Line 3x on Sony Wega 34XBR970 TV working

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    Hey everyone.

    I’m always happy to learn more, but when it comes to the advanced mechanics of OSSC timings and settings, I can’t seem to find much information. I was wondering if anyone had any good tutorial links of how I can further educate myself on how to take full advantage of the OSSC.

    My current goal is to figure out if I can get my Sony 34XBR970 CRT to work with Line 3x. I feel like it very well may be possible. When I use Generic Line 3x it displays a picture but it’s as if it can’t fully lock onto it. It’s mostly similar to what Icelight linked with their issue shown here: https://imgur.com/a/3axy7#Yzilfdm
    The picture seems to rapidly scroll like on an older TV that needs to adjust the V-Hold, and the image is a little distorted. I can provide a photo or video if that may be of assistance.
    When I mess with the V.Active it seems like I can get a response out of it, but it never actually seems to lock on fully. I’ve tried just changing other settings as well in hopes of getting lucky, but nothing so far.

    I really want to get this to work, if possible. Or at least nail it down that it’s a hard NO that it won’t work.

    Side note, the TV doesn’t have a DVI port, but in the service menu I am able to adjust a setting that may allow it to enter 960×720. I found it out from a forum post for another Sony TV.

    “Go to the 2170D_3 section and change the setting JUMP from 1 to 0. Save and you’re done. You’ll need to be in 1080i mode to begin with. At this point you will be able to use 960×720, in progressive scan, this is the highest resolution that this TV should be able to physically resolve.”

    If anyone has any ideas, please let me know. Thank you for any help at all!


    Strange, it should accept 720p directly. On the other hand, the OSSC Lx3 output does not conform to standard pixel clock (it has unconventionally many total lines). That may be the issue, and in that case I think it’s simply incompatible. Btw seems this TV will have a lag penalty at any resolution except 1080i…

    If for some weird reason it would accept 960×720 and not 1280×720, then you can perhaps reduce h. active value by 4/3 in advanced timing (i.e multiply by 3/4). Still I don’t think this will work because the pixel clock stays the same. Then you would need to also reduce sample rate by 4/3, but then you also degrade your image fidelity. This is because Lx3 mode is 16:9 by design (all horizontal variables are actually multiplied by 4/3 internally).

    Also possibly the TV could be more tolerant on the analog inputs (different signal chain probably), solution could then be to use a HDMI to Component converter.


    Hey Harrumph.

    Thank you for taking the time to reply. You don’t happen to speedrun Secret of Mana do you?

    Yeah I thought it would do fine with 720 as well. Fortunately the lag testing I did after turning off all the image processing features is very acceptable to me. I was thinking about if I could send it a 1080p signal that has then been down-scaled to 540p if that would be better, but I don’t know how much lag, if any down-scaling adds yet.

    I’ll have to try 960×720, but I am doubtful. That’s unfortunate to hear that it probably won’t work. I would love to see what it looks like because the 2x looks fantastic. I always like to try new things though to see if I can find something even better lol.

    The HDMI to component idea is intriguing. Maybe I will give that a shot and see what happens. Thanks for the suggestion!

    I’ll keep at it and trying to educate myself more on this. Thanks again!

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