Make 240p and 288p line triple separate options

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    On my current setup 240p line triple works great, but 288p line triple doesn’t work at all. Rather than a combined option for 240p and 288p line triple, could these be split into separate options?


    I’ll put that on the list. That’s probably something to implement when new lineX features get added, so that the options would be something like following:

    240p linemult [lineX2, lineX3, lineX4, lineX5]
    288p linemult [lineX2, lineX3, lineX4]


    Cool thanks.


    While at it could we have manually selectable lineX1 mode also?

    Not sure if there’s *usually* need for it but Amiga’s DBLNTSC mode puts out 744x467p @ 59Hz and 29.02kHz which is misdetected by the OSSC (it says 494p on info screen and 640×384 under advanced timing settings). As end result lineX2 mode is force enabled even though it makes no sense for this 467p mode. I can set up all the advanced timing settings properly to get perfect picture, except that lineX2 is on and as end result aspect ratio is totally wrong.

    So if one could override lineX* mode under advanced timing settings then situation like these could be handled manually. Not sure if there’s any point to make OSSC detect these Amiga modes properly though I have to say that


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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