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    Like a lot of people here I’m trying to get the best image through the Megadrive. In the last months, I noticed that basically everyone is still encountering troubles in the modification of the RGB signal of the PAL region Megadrives. My case too, I did everything I could to clean the signal of a french MD1, but I still get ghosting and jailbars when using the OSSC X5. I kinda gave up and use it like this, and it’s ok.

    But as we regularly see some rgb mods performed on MD2 with -for example- a db triple bypass and looking clean (it’s seems to look clean I should say), I always come back to think that there must be some way to use these rgb bypass mods to there 100% of possibilities on Pal machines.

    So I’m asking just a simple question here, does anyone who performed an rgb bypass mod on PAL MD1 managed to get a jailbar free and cleaned signal through the OSSC ? And when I say clean, I mean really clean.


    Admittedly, I’m not familiar with RGB bypasses for the Genesis/MD, so I’m not sure where they’re placed. Could the interference be caused by aging capacitors, or a lack of shielding on the wires between the motherboard and bypass and/or between the bypass and the AV jack?


    Maybe it could, but in my case the system is freshly recapped and wires for the mod are ok (I think). It’s just that I see for a while now that people with PAL systems are encountering troubles with this MD mod, and when I think about it, I didn’t see any example of a succeeded one except concerning NTSC Genesis systems.
    I just have the feeling that we are missing something to make it work properly with the OSSC (main interest of the rgb bypass mod is to use the MD with the OSSC, as flat screens reveal all the hidden interferences). But I would be very interested to see pictures of a working one !


    Hi Renovigo, check this up :
    Apparently, it worked well for him : he used shielded wires
    I haven’t tried yet but it seems to be the closest I’ve ever been to a proper answer to this issue

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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