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    Jarrah White

    I noticed on the OSSC’s product description, it says it supports 1080p output.

    Supported output resolutions

    240p/288p -> 480p/576p or 720p line triple (compatible displays only)
    240p/288p -> 1280×960, 1280×1152, 1080p, 1600×1200 line quadruple/quintuple (compatible displays only)
    25Khz medium-res modes -> 480p
    480i/576i -> 480p/576p or pass-through
    480p -> pass-through or 960p line-double (compatible displays only)
    all other 31khz resolutions passed through

    I usually just play around with the line multiply settings when using the OSSC. But is there a 1080p setting I don’t know about? I couldn’t get the 5x mode to work in my setup. And the 4x mode on 240p and 288p content gives me 960p and 1152p respectively, which are both PC resolutions. Even if the 5x mode had worked, doing the math that would have produced 1200p and 1440p. Again, PC resolutions. If the OSSC can indeed output 1080p, what settings should I use?


    1080p is default when you select Lx5.

    Jarrah White

    OK, strange that my TV and secondary scaler didn’t like the 1080p signal coming off it.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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