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    Thanks for support OSSC
    I suggest :
    A function “Mode Zoom” for games not overscan(Amiga, Atari ST,..), also for play the game fullscreen
    (I guess is on Framemeister )
    It’s possible ?


    If I’m understanding your problem correctly (and you or someone else can correct me if I’m wrong), the games you’re playing purposefully don’t use the full video frame for visuals because they assume you’re playing on a CRT and that the edges will get cut off due to overscan.

    Unfortunately, the OSSC is a line doubler, not a scaler. This means that, unlike the Framemeister, the OSSC cannot crop or stretch the image to arbitrary sizes and shapes. You will need to use an external video processor, or rely on your television’s zooming capabilities (if any) to stretch the image to eliminate or reduce overscan. Alternatively, there’s always the Framemeister.


    Thanks for reponse
    Sorry for my bad english

    yes, i want remove borders, on games doesn’t use full screen

    For exemple (line red limite border)

    Maupiti Atari ST

    My solution, I use Horizontal/Vertical active length settings. Not perfect

    Maupiti 2 ST


    You can use adv. timing to reduce H/V active area which should make most PC monitors “zoom” the image.


    The lower limit for V.Active is currently 200, would be nice if this could be lowered even further.

    E.g. it would help my TV to properly zoom in a Lx4 GBI-LL optimized mode, where original active area is only 240×160.

    (Sorry if this is a repeat request, I know people have asked for increased adjustment possibilities in other threads, but mainly in regard to V/H mask, so I thought I’d specify further)

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