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    Hi all,

    There’s a pretty decent TV compatibility thread here, but no equivalent for monitors.

    I’m about to buy a new monitor for my PC, and I would like best possible compatibility with the OSSC. Can anyone recommend anything that can be purchased in the UK?

    Are there any brands that fare better?



    Most monitors should work pretty well with the OSSC, though there are a few exceptions. I can try help you out if you have any sort of idea what you’re looking for. Would you be looking at 1080p and would you rather a VA or IPS screen etc.


    There are a couple knowledgable users who really like the Viewsonic VX3211 or VX3276. They can suffer from back-light bleed (which seems to vary from set to set), and IPS panel is not to everyones taste.

    See for example this post:

    And also discussed in the last few pages of the same thread (208-209).


    Thanks for the replies.

    Was thinking of getting something no frills. A TN monitor (want the super low response), only really need 1080P, around 26″+, something like this Asus, or this BenQ

    Never heard of ViewSonic before. The VX3276 doesn’t have the best set of customer reviews. People complaining about ghosting and bleed. The VX3211 is £229 on Amazon right now….good price?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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