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    Hi folks,
    I wanted to stream from my MSX2 Philips NMS8280 to Twitch or YT (doesnot matter – but the point is – from OBS or other streaming software on Windows).

    I have this SCART HDMI video converter which works on most devices but it has one minor I pretty much hate when streaming – any reset/restart of streamed computer causes lost signal (which is logic – for a moment there is no source), then it gives OSD frame with reconnected info which stays like 20 secs.

    I have bought OSSC which has been claimed as very good for RGB signal convertion to HDMI. Well… It looks like my setup needs changes or I have found uncompatibility within specific software/hardware relation.

    So step by step:

    the connection chain:
    1) Philips NMS 8280
    2) SCART RGB <> SCART RGB lead
    3) OSSC av1 SCART input
    4) HDMI output HDMI lead
    5) Avermedia Live Gamer Portable 2 Plus HDMI input
    6) USB2.0 to PC Windows 10 and
    7) HDMI pass thru HDMI output to HDMI monitor

    generally – it works, tested yesterday on Twitch.

    I can stream, the pass thru works fine. Same for direct connecting OSSC thru HDMI to TV or HDMI monitor.

    15.58kHz 49.80Hz on OSSC LCD
    288p 313p 542053

    so 2x mode, I can even switch to x3 x4 mode (it losts signal on x5 mode).

    Then… there is Terra Cresta demo. I know, it’s unreleased production, more to show MSX Audio cart skills. But this one causing “lost signal” on Avermedia. After MSX startup and loading first file – it gets black screen and grabber gets nothing visible. So no title screen even. I mean – OSSC outputs something around

    15.58kHz 59.49Hz
    240p 262p 453731

    but this pass thru HDMI output works on HDMI monitor – in the same time Avermedia gives black screen to the computer.

    Then – I have tried cheap HDMI splitter I have – no results. Same problem.

    Then – I have tried mentioned and hated SCART HDMI converter – I put it the chain after OSSC and before Avermedia. HDMI to HDMI lead, so no lost on signal. It works. SCART HDMI converter also works directly to Avermedia.

    It’s more crazy now: I have older Avermedia Game Capture HD II. Old stuff, limited to 720/60 or 1080/30, streaming is not possible, just recorder. But it has two things I keep it, not selling nor thrashing. It can separate audio input and HDMI/component video inputs. So it does well audio injection to HDMI output and from time to time I use it.

    So – 8280 -> OSSC -> Game Capture HD II:
    1) starting device with already started Terra Cresta it shows game for a second, then it open preferences to confirm and back – blank screen
    2) still great pass thru HDMI output to monitor

    A bit crazy as… it’s only this one production: Terra Cresta. It definately use some tricky video mode that makes this problem.

    But why it’s not working: I think it changes graphic mode to something NTSC related as:


    commands in BASIC does exactly the same. And SCART to HDMI converter keeps 60p mode and cannot switch the source signal to 50p (PAL).

    So – assume there is problem related to this. NTSC mode just after PAL mode.

    Any possible solution for this? I have tried boot TERRA CRESTA first, then start OSSC to have it in sigle mode not switching from PAL to NTSC, but cannot dial proper settings for it to work.


    have you tried raising PLL coast values on OSSC?


    no, but I will do to check. Thankx

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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