My shootout of OSSC/XRGB/PVM

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    So I was lucky enough to get all 3 for a side by side comparison. 2003 NIB PVM, XRGB mini and OSSC with 0.75 firmware all running into my late 2015 Samsung 6300 (one of their last great 1080p TV’s)


    My workhorse is the PVM but wanted to do a quick compare of the devices on my hd tv.

    My TV does support 3X in OSSC which is cool!



    – can sync on a shoe string (out of ref Vpp and csync just work it probably has a good amp and lpf)
    – crt eye candy
    – no lag


    – only 20″

    XRGB mini Framemeister

    – hdmi. easy for newbies to get going
    – lots of different inputs (I have component adapter too)
    – osd
    – good remote
    – can’t feel lag

    – price
    – too many options in menu
    – cant control LPF on its own
    – dreaded 10s black screen to sync
    – very sensitive to sync levels – too low and black screen
    – remote has to point directly at device


    – price
    – lots of options in the menu
    – granular control of filtering
    – no lag
    – very quick sync
    – identical video quality to xrgb mini

    – no hdmi – i couldnt test audio. didnt play well with my TV ($20 devices on ebay have hdmi but this doesn’t)
    – 3X mode has a strange artifact in top right corner
    – not as user friendly for newbs
    – outside of unit shows its a community project vs commercial product
    – lpf in auto shows a bit of noise in solid background that xrgb doesnt
    – no zoom capability (used to this from xrgb and hidef nes)
    – in some spots on the screen dark, faint blotches are visible – not there with others

    mistake in 3X:



    overall, I was very happy with ossc image quality. better than I expected from my n64rgb and nesrgb I tested with.

    But I think the no hdmi audio for me is a deal breaker like xrgb is for many with consoles that switch resolutions often.

    Hopefully this will be fixed in the future and be a real contender as xrgb mini replacement.

    awesome job!


    The strange artefact indicates a slight problem with sync, changing cables or sources should fix it.

    I dunno about not as user friendly, for most sources it should just plug and play. Getting optimal picture out of the Mini is quite a hassle.

    As for added noise, should be less than XRGB Mini not more, but without knowing your source I can’t speculate.

    HDMI audio can be added with an upgrade.


    “identical video quality to xrgb mini”

    Scaling aside, I’d say the OSSC’s video quality is far better than the Framemeister’s. In every respect.

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