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    Hi All,

    My TV (Sony 65xe9005) is having a hard time whenever I set the H.samplerate value to 858 when playing in 480p x2…
    Every 10-15 seconds it appears like the TV is receiving a different signal from the OSSC and is refreshing input information.
    This does not cause any problem at all from a picture point of view but introduces an uncomfortable sound skip as well as the tv showing a banner with input resolution details.
    Changing the H.samplerate to a few values above or below 858 completely eliminates the problem but with the downside of sections of the screen becoming blurry.
    I tested different inputs and settings and could confirm that the H.samplerate is the common factor when this strange behavior happens.
    Would anybody know more about what could cause my TV to dislike a 858 value but be absolutely fine with all other values ?


    Good news ! I managed to figure out a workaround.
    By setting “Allow upsample2x” to “On” I only need to change the “H.samplerate” to 857,95 or 858,25 for this problem to dissapear.

    Moving the “H.samplerate” to a few full values below or above 858 meant my checkerboard was going all blurry on parts of the screen.
    With this workaround the checkerboard in the 240p test suite looks juste fine !


    Figured out another workaround that allows me to use h.samplerate value of 858.00 without any audio skip.

    Set “TX mode” to “DVI” and use the “AV1 out” for audio rather than HDMI.

    I am still puzzled as to why the h.samplerate value of 858 causes my TV to have problems with the audio signal coming through HDMI…

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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