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    Hi Guys, got my ossc delivered today and got my N64 modded, I’ve connected things up using my old scart cable (not RBG scart) and I have an issue with the TV screen on my LG Web os, see the link below to see my issue.

    I’ve tried all of the different displays and pretty much every setting, nothing seems to be fixing my issue.

    Please help


    Edit. Just wanted to add that when the TV screen flickers off, a little red light flashes on the ossc, just in case this is relevant


    The red light indicates it’s a sync issue. Either your cable or mod is faulty in some way. Btw the cable is definitely RGB, otherwise you would not get a picture at all.


    @Harrumph, thank you. I tried setting it up on another TV (Samsung) in the house and it works without the screen flicker, maybe it just isn’t compatible with my LG?

    I didn’t realise that my old scart had to be RGB, I’ve ordered a new scart from retro gaming cables anyway so if this doesn’t fix my issue I’ll need to set the N64 up in my sons room as it works on his TV


    When you are using that N64 what are the Hz numbers on the OSSCs LCD?

    Is it a PAL or NTSC N64 system and are you running in-region software (i.e PAL software on PAL console?)

    Have you tried increasing H-PLL pre and post coast to 4 or so? (under sync opt).


    Thank you to everyone who replied, my new scart cable arrived and that has fixed my issue of the screen flicker so I’m all good.

    I’ll have a further play with the settings to try and smooth out the display a bit

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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