N64 Line4x 320×240 incorrect timings

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    Hi, I made a post yesterday but I’m not sure where it went and if it even showed up in the right spot but I’ll try again…

    I’m trying to get my N64 320×240 optimized settings / timings correct, I followed different settings that sources said were optimal but it’s just not working for me. In the first pic there’s a dark line going down the left, second picture is of the SM64 star select screen, if you look at the “1” there is still some shadowing behind it. In the third pic you can still see some of the shadow behind the lives counter in the top left.

    For settings I’m using:
    – Line4x, 320×240 optimized
    – H. samplerate: 387
    – H. synclen: 22
    – H. backporch: 36
    – Sampling phase: 315 deg

    n64 1
    n64 2
    n64 3

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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