N64 Line4x 320×240 Optimized settings — not correct?

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    Hi everyone, been using my RGB N64 with my OSSC for a few months now and found that passthrough mode looked really good for me, I’ve been using it on my stream ever since.

    I’ve messed with the other line modes and obviously Line4x / 320×240 optimized with the proper timings looks absolutely perfect. My game looks good, but I feel the timings are still off and I’ve been trying in vain to get it perfect. For reference, I’m using Tim Worthington’s mod with deblur on, and with paulb_nl’s timings:

    Output opt.
    240p/288p proc – Line4x
    Line4x mode – 320×240 optim.

    Sampling opt.
    Sampling phase – 315 deg
    <Adv. Timing> – 320×240
    H. samplerate – 387
    H. synclen – 22
    H. backporch – 36

    What I’m noticing is there still seems to be shadowing in certain areas, typically on the left side of the screen (you can see the darker line going down on the first pic), on the star select screen of Super Mario 64 (zoom in on the “1”, there’s also a darker line on all four edges here
    Paper Mario), and on the general HUD of SM64 (zoom in on the “23”)
    Super Mario 64 Star Select
    Super Mario 64 HUD

    I’ve been messing with the sampling phase and sampling rate and haven’t gotten anywhere. What settings could work to get it to be perfect?


    I honestly have no idea how to get the images to show up can someone please help me


    Since a couple of firmwares ago you can now use fractional samplerate (within some limitations, but anyhow).
    Update to FW0.85 and use 386.6 or thereabouts.

    Images as far as I know have to point to a pic hosted on the web, it cannot be uploaded directly.


    I don’t think discord can allow hot linking to their images, I couldn’t get them to show either.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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