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    Has anyone here successfully got the mClassic upscaling to 1080p from the 480p output image from RetroTink 2xPro-Multiformat with N64?

    My RetroTink 2xPro-Multiformat arrived today and is working well with the PS2 (on component) and mCLassic upscaling 480p to 1080p.

    I tried n64 (using composite cables unfortunately but s-video cables are in the mail) and for some reason the mClassic cannot upscale to 1080p in widescreen or retro mode. I am unsure if the issue is with the mClassic or the RetroTink 2xPro-Multiformat or PAL signal.

    I have seen some successful footage of RetroTink 2xPro + n64 + mCLassic on youtube so I know the Pro model can work.

    Is there anyone here that could test or aware of what might be happening here?


    Some observations whilst troubleshooting:
    – The 2xPro-Multi outputs 480p 60hz when the n64 is off. The mClassic upscales this blue bank screen to 1080p 60hz. When the n64 is power on, the output from the classic is 480p 60hz (in 2x mode). Switching mode on the mClassic (passthrough/upscale/retro) do nothing.
    – Changing mode from 2x to passthrough on 2xPro-Multi shows display 720 x 240 60hz. Once again the mClassic does nothing with this signal.

    Now if I refer to the mClassic website, it is capable of upscaling 480p 60Hz to 1080p/1440p 60Hz.

    I am super confused as to why the 480p content isn’t being upscaled.

    I will test the PS2 with a PS1 game running at 240p with both composite and component to see how the 2xPro-Multi and mClassic handle and if I see any trend.


    Some interesting results from the PS2 playing PS1 games (240p)

    Using composite cables:
    With 2xPro-Multi set to passthrough. The default resolution is 720×240@60Hz (Same as N64). With mClassic upscaling turned on not upscaling occurs. Completely the same scenario as N64 issue about. But mCLassic isn’t supposed to scale 240p anyways.

    So when we set 2xPro-Multi to 2xline double 480p. The mClassic successfully upscales to 1080p. Now this is what is expected of the N64 however this doesn’t take place.

    Using component cables:
    With 2xPro-Multi set to passthrough the resolution is 1440×240. Interesting the mClassic is able to upscale this to 1080p even though it a resolution not said to be supported by mClassic.
    With 2xPro-Multi set to 2xline double 480p and mClassic is able to upscale to 1080p.

    These issues seem to be isolated to the n64 rather than 240p or composite cables. Hmmm not sure what else i can do. But perhaps I need to wait and test s-video cables on n64.


    Furthermore PS2 set in 480p mode with RT2XM pass-through the mClassic also doesn’t upscale.
    BUT the PS2 set in 480i mode with RT2XM pass-through the mClassic does upscale to 1080p.


    SO I thought I would test we a PC Monitor instead of the HDTV. As the HDTV doesn’t so the input resolution other than 480p/1080p etc.

    The results were interesting and non-conclusive. I noticed that the PC Monitor showed “720 x 480p @ 60hZ” for N64 but for PS2 showed H=31.5kHz V=60Hz when connected to RT2XM. Interesting when I used a cheap component-to-hdmi adapter for PS2 that the resolution showed “720 x 480p @ 60hZ”. For the record the mClassic upscales with this cheap converter.

    PS2 480i to 480p

    PS2 480p

    PS2 component-to-hdmi 480p

    N64 240p to 480p


    When I set the PS2 to output 720P and this is passed-through RT2XM the mClassic is able to upscale correctly. The PC Monitor also shows 1280 x 720 as the resolution and not V= XkHz

    The issue HAS to be something to do with the video output signal from RT2XM in 480p when passing through and 240 2xline doubling. But 480i de-interlace to 480p is fine. SO what’s the difference? I wish I could look at the source code and try and fix it myself.


    I’m afraid I don’t own an Mclassic so can’t comment. Long shot but, are you playing PAL or NTSC games and is it a PAL or NTSC system?


    @BuckA51 the timing of your reply is uncanny! I actually had an epiphany yesterday. To try PAL ROMs on the console (PAL) and the mClassic was able to upscale to 1080p!

    All my ROMs are NTSC but my console is PAL. The flashcard i use is region-free and doesn’t have either with either region ROM.

    Do you have any idea’s why this could be a problem?

    When I play NSTC ROM’s on the PAL console my Retrotink outputs 480p and my TV can see 480p. The mClassic support 480p. SO it still boggles me.

    It’s worth noting I have a PAL PS2 with NTSC (480i/480p) ROMs and the mClassic upscales without issue.


    Using the PAL N64 console with NTSC software results in a signal that is way off spec, many TVs and scalers and things will have trouble with it.

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