[SOLVED] N64 RGB Advanced works on TV but not on OSSC (no sync)

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    Hi, I have a PAL N64 with a RGB Advanced board (and no filter add-on), I’m using a SNES NTSC Csync cable (from RetroGamingCable uk).
    It works fine on my PVM and on a random Samsung 1080p TV but I get a “no sync” on the ossc.
    Am I missing something ?
    From what I could tell, the filter add-on is more for some problematic capture cards and to make PAL SNES cables compatible, is this required to work on the OSSC ?

    SOLUTION : Run a small wire between pin 3 and 7 (Csync and Luma)

    I just installed another one on another N64 and I get the same results : ie. No Sync on OSSC

    Also, both of them don’t work in line 2X mode on my TV (samsung 1080p), the screen is cut in half as if I was sending 31KHz to a 15KHz display. I’m not sure this issue is related though


    To be clear, the OSSC is saying No Sync (and red LED), not just the TV?


    It says “no sync” but the LED is actually green. I get the test pattern on screen too


    I don’t remember having any issues with the prototype we had in here.


    Yeah, I’m out of ideas now. Both consoles behave the same way, they work fine on a PVM, a 1080p Samsung but not on the OSSC. I’ve made sure that the composite and CSync lines lead to nowhere but it didn’t make a difference. My install is very clean and it works on other devices (TVs) so maybe I didn’t understand the point of a jumper but I keep reading the installation guide and I can’t see what’s wrong.


    Solved ! Simply by running a wire between the Csync pin and Luma (marked “Y” – basically, run a wire between pin 3 and 7). I can’t believe that was the issue, I kept telling me it wouldn’t work and tried that just for the sake being comprehensive.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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