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    Hey everyone!

    Me and a friend of me each bought an OSSC recently to preserve our beloved classic consoles. We were quite unhappy with the regular “scart to hdmi”-adapters, so we decided that we must put our money where our mouths are andbuy this precious thing. We were impressed quickly by the results of the SNES, but when we wanted to move on to the n64, we didn´t manage to get a picture. After some research we made a dark insight: the regular european N64 (nus -001 eur) was a quite lazy product of nintendo which doesn´t deliver a RGB-signal. Only some quite early french consoles could be modded to deliver the RGB-signal, but as you can imagine, these consoles are rare and are very pricy (at least 200 € for an used and modded console). Now that we got our collections in PAL, a moddable NTSC-version is out of question for us. So, we are a little screwed here in europe when it comes to n64…

    TLDR: is there any opportunity to get this n64-model (without native rgb) to work in any way with an ossc? Even if there is a bearable quality loss


    To my knowledge, no N64 (certainly no consumer-bound N64) supports RGB output. Without modification, the best you’re going to get is S-Video. To get RGB output, you’ll need to get one of the RGB mod boards from Tim Worthington or borti4938.

    That said, you’ll probably get even better picture quality out of the UltraHDMI and bypassing the analog output and digitization altogether.


    Some links for convenience:

    Note that borti’s board can not be ordered pre-assembled anywhere yet, afaik.
    Also note that game-tech does not install the kit, but has a list of trusted modders, including a number of europeans.

    Of course, Bucko also has installation services on this site for both UltraHDMI and Tim’s board, but it looks like they’re unavailable at the moment. Still, contact him to get yourself on the waiting lists or just to get more information.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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