Need advice about chaining OSSC with the Framemeister

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    Hey, I have an OSSC that I am using to play various consoles including my 1CHIP SNES. The OSSC works fine with my monitor. However, I use a HDMI splitter so I can split the signal to my capture card, but my capture card (Magewell Pro Capture HDMI) does not like the signal and there is constant flickering in all modes (by the way, I also tested running the HDMI directly into the capture card without the splitter but there was still the same issue). The capture card works with all other consoles so it must be the weird sync from the SNES. I am aware that the dejitter mod is available and would most likely fix it – I’m capable of doing the mod, but without going into all the details why, I want to leave my SNES console stock and unmodded.

    I have heard that the Framemeister is capable of correcting signals to make them more compatible. I have considered getting a Framemeister and running the HDMI output from the OSSC into the Framemeister HDMI input, then connecting the Framemeister’s output to my capture card. Assuming this would work, it would mean I can get the lag-free output from my OSSC to my monitor for gameplay, but also have the Framemeister fix up the signal for my capture card to work with it. Possibly a bit ridiculous but I can get a good deal on a Framemeister. The problem is that I don’t know for 100% certain that it will work, so I was wondering if anyone here happened to have any knowledge on this and could help me out before I buy it. Thanks for any help.

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