Need help please with my PS2 in 240p (PS1 game playmode) and the OSSC

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    yesterday I got my new OSSC and today I just tried to get it working.
    It works fine with PS2-games but when I want to start ps1-games I only see the title screen and then a black screen, my tv (SONY KDL-48W605) says, it is an incompatible signal, the display from the OSSC says that the signal is about 314p or something like that. When I use only the scart-RGB-cable or the component-cable I am able to play ps1 games from the ps2. I use the original scart cable from Sony.
    I tried several changes with the line (2x, 3x) but it took no effect – still something about “incompatible signal, check the source”.
    What can I do?


    PAL PS1 has an extra line compared to normal 50Hz 288p signal (314 instead of 313). This causes problems on several displays because the excess lines (when line-multiplied) is not tolerated. The Sony W series is notorious for very strict tolerances, and can not do more than line double even with other signals.

    You can try the Panasonic hack, under Compatibility in the menu.

    Otherwise, I’m afraid you’re pretty screwed. You could try 60Hz mode if you have a modded PS2.


    For information, I have a PAL PS1 and Sony KDL-40w705c (x2 all consoles).
    Panasonic hack = ossc no sync

    I have a DVDO Edge for x3 or x4 for my consoles (NTSC, PAL) but unusable (random input lag, my TV is better for upscaling…). I use it as an hdmi / yuv switch (passthrough, 6x Hdmi and 2x YUV/componente) and input sound (Tos, Cinch).


    I don’t think the DVDO adds input lag more than 8ms for PAL sources, even if the refresh is out, it’s only NTSC sources where it has that issue.


    I captured a few games PAL PS1 games at 50Hz and most will only work at passthrough or Line X2 mode. I have an LG TV which is pretty good with a lot of PAL games, but many NTSC game support Line X3, which I have yet to see a PAL game work with on the PS1. Here’s a video that shows the PAL version of Kingsley’s Adventure captured at 50Hz on an OSSC at Line x2.

    As many PAL games are optimised for 50Hz forcing them into 60Hz is a mixed bag as some work and some don’t. I have recently covered a sample of forcing PAL PS1 games into 60Hz and the results were very mixed with which games do and don’t work:

    Ideally if the OSSC had a way to generate black/blank lines or double say the first or last line the game outputs multiple times you might be able to standardise the signal in some games that uses different resolutions. The first and last lines are often used for screen safe areas so are just black or a coloured border like on the Mega Drive. You could say multiple 314 x 3 for 942 at PAL, then you could say repeat the first and last lines an additional 138 times between then. That way it would give you a 1080 height, while the aspect wouldn’t be perfect it might just fool some TVs to think it would be a standard picture signal at 1080. You could then adjust via zoom, crop and other options to correct for the odd aspect ratio picture possibly. Not sure it can be done , but it’s an idea suggestion for a way for users might be able to standardise odd PAL resolutions if a feature like this could be added in the normal or pro model of the OSSC. Certainly if the user could pick a set line and multiple it as many times as they need. That way you could used the normal feature to multiple to as close as possible to 720p or 1080p, before then mutipling one or two set lines to give you the remaining lines to reach them.

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