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    Marlin Followell

    I’m fairly pleased with the images I’m getting out of my ST through the OSSC with low and medium resolution, but not as pleased with high resolution. Atari ST high resolution is 640×400. I started with settings from this thread as a starting point. I finally figured out the proper resolution to make adjustments to was 640×384. I’m setup with Line2x and Upsample2x. From there, I have the following settings to finally get the image to center properly and get the vertical height correct.

    H.Samplerate: 800
    H.Synclength 96
    H.backporch 110
    H.Active 640
    V.Synclength 2
    V.backporch 34
    V.Active 420

    The problem is, the image is much too wide. The problem is that the Atari screen is more of a 8:5 ratio and the OSSC is stretching the image to fit my 1080p screen width. Using low and medium resolution images do not do this and I’m really not sure why high resolution does. Adjusting V.Active helped with adjusting the height of the image, so I assumed that modifying H.Active would do the same and allow me to shrink the horizontal dimension to correct the aspect ratio, but it doesn’t seem to make any difference.

    Any ideas?


     photo IMG-3207_zpsrebuc9zm.jpg

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