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    I place an earlier post. but I can’t find it any more or I got an error open the page. I had a problem that I couldn’t upload the firmware. I check all the traces and were correct to the tjag. Then I search more and found out that my 3,3V was gone as U6. So I removed the TVP7002PZP because I couldn’t find any short circuits. After I removed it. I directly corrected the footprint in a prober way that there are no bridges. I directly check the U6 again and there was 3,3V again. So that was a good sign. I program the FPGA again and this time it uploaded it and verified it. So I reboot it and this time only the green light stays on. I don’t have any text on the display. Now I don’t have any TVP7002PZP on it is this needed for text on the screen?

    Also how come that the TVP7002PZP had problems? any suggestion are welcome?

    Already thanks for the reply.


    It should print a message on the character display even if TVP7002 is missing. Does the green LED react to remote control activity? If yes, I’d next check I2C and other control lines to the character display.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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