Negative colours on Wii through SCART

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    I dug my Wii out of the cupboard recently as I’d picked up some Wii and GC games from charity shops. My component cable is trapped up in the attic at the moment while we shift some furniture around, so I’m using a SCART cable.

    Weird thing though, through the OSSC all the colours are negative. Through an old LCD TV in the back room it’s fine however.

    So, uhhh, any ideas what’s wrong? (I suspect the answer is “crap SCART cable”) Is this fixable? I’ve been through the settings on the OSSC but I’m afraid I’m not exactly knowledgeable about how it all works. It’s a PAL Wii, and I’ve tried it in both 60Hz and 50Hz image modes.

    Safety screen
    Wii menu
    Super Mario World


    Do other consoles work via the SCART socket on your OSSC?


    Whoops, I should have mentioned that… Yes, this is the only console I’ve had problems with.

    edit: Just tested it using a cheap SCART to HDMI adapter I had kicking around. It looks fine through that… This is definitely a issue between the SCART cable and the OSSC. Also, by SCART cable I don’t mean composite cables plugged into a SCART block. This is supposedly an RGB SCART cable.


    I found this page with the same issue:

    The colors are swapped around. Red=Green, Green=Blue, Blue=Red.

    I think the other TV and the SCART to HDMI adapter are actually showing just composite video and thats why you get a normal color picture.


    Woah, that would do it.

    I guess I’ve got a new soldering project when I find the time. Thanks.


    I have bought a PACKAPUNCH RGB with clear sync cable from Retro gaming cables and image looks stunning. It looks with deeper colours than the component actually.
    You can see the quality here:

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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