Neo Geo MVS and OSSC

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    I have a Neo Geo MVS board (model MV-1F) paired with a Supergun MAK 3 from Arcadeforge. It works perfectly connected directly to a CRT:

    Neo Geo MVS

    But I would like to connect this MVS board to my flat LCD TV using the OSSC. The thing is that, when I put this question on another forum, many people warned me that this could literally destroy the OSSC because of the voltage that an MVS generates. Even the Arcadeforge support team doesn’t recommend to use his supergun with any device without any voltage protection like the OSSC (room for improvement in this regard for the OSSC Pro).

    But in this wiki page, it says that it’s ok to connect MVS boards (MV-1F or MV-1C at least) to the OSSC.

    So, I’m confused. Do I need to do anything on the scart before connecting the supergun output into the OSSC or it’s safe to connect directly the supergun scart cable to the OSSC without any modification?

    I don’t want to ruin my OSSC, but at the same time I’m would like to use it with my 65″ flat TV asap.


    If the Supergun is properly made, then the voltage levels should be safe. If it’s not, then it could damage ANY consumer equipment you connect to it, not only the OSSC but your classic CRT too.


    The Supergun has been connected directly to a CRT monitor for hours working without any issue. I have tested the supergun itself and there is not a direct connection between the source SYNC,R,G,B signals and the pin in the SCART out connector (continuity test fails) which makes me think that there is some circuit in between (resistors, most likely). Checking SYNC resistance between jamma pin to SCART output pin, there is a 100ohm resistance.

    So, it seems that the supergun does some line attenuation after all. Anyone can confirm that, with these values, is safe to connect the MVS+MAKv3 to the OSSC?


    You should also check the audio lines.

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