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    I received my OSSC yesterday and I started testing it on my consoles:

    All is perfect with the following consoles:
    – SEGA Master System PAL/NTSC Mod with RGB
    – SEGA Megadrive NTSC JAP RGB
    – SEGA Saturn NTSC JAP RGB
    – Nintendo Famicom AV with Tim Worthington RGB Mod
    – Nintendo Super Famicom NTSC JAP RGB
    – Nec PC Engine CoreGrafx NTSC JAP with RGB Mod

    I just have 2 problems so far:
    – My N64 (NTSC JAP with RGB Mod from 1996) that loses Sync every 30 seconds…but it should be fix with a Sync on Luma RGB cable I just ordered (accordingly to another post I read)

    My main problem is with my NeoGeo AES.
    There is no image on my HDTV and I have a “Not supported signal” message.

    – I have an image when I plug the RGB SCART cable directly on HDTV
    – I have no problem with the Framemeister (same config.)
    – I tried with 2 different RGB SCART cables (CSync and No-CSync)
    – I tried with 2 different HDMI cables
    – I tried with another HDTV

    All without success.

    I have Sync and the OSSC screen displays this:
    AV1: RGBS 263p
    15.58kHz 59.27Hz

    I tried to change output settings but without success.
    I’m a little lost. Did I miss something ?

    Thanks for your help.



    Could be that 59.27 is just too far off spec for your HDTVs to handle. Did you try the settings as recommended on the wiki?


    Yes, I had already tried “quickly” without result.

    I tried a second time by increasing step by step from 0 to 39+ and always the “Not supported signal” message on HDTV with Sync.
    Something happened at 19.69us : the Sync was lost (black screen and no more sound)

    Another idea ?



    No one…?

    What does the OSSC do to the NeoGeo signal that the Framemeister doesn’t, or the opposite?…because if I put put the Framemeister in place of the OSSC, without changing anything else, I have an image…


    Framemeister converts refresh rate to 59.94Hz and outputs standardized line count.


    And would it be possible to have an option to do the same with the OSSC ?


    It would require a frame buffer, which the OSSC does not have (actually, it’s kind of the point with it). Only workaround is to pair the OSSC with an external scaler like the DVDOs.


    Thanks Harrumph 😉

    So, no possible “software solution” with a firmware update? Do you confirm marqs?

    And you think that add a “cheap” DVDO scaler like the DVDO iScan Micro ( would solve my problem (without “side effects”) ?

    Do you confirm this point too marqs?


    I don’t know very much about stand-alone scalers tbh. Maybe check out Fudoh’s site Or probably BuckoA51 will know.

    My advice though, since you own the framemeister already, just stick with that for NeoGeo and use OSSC for everything else. The extra processor you would need otherwise will cost you hundreds of additional €/$/£…


    Indeed, it’s a solution…

    But the purpose when I bought the OSSC was to use it for all my consoles, not to keep both.
    I even thought of reselling the Framemeister after receiving the OSSC.
    It was presented as the ultimate solution, the perfection ! 😉

    If I have no choice, I will do this way but if a firmware update could fix this…

    So, possible or not ?


    Who presented the OSSC to you as the ultimate solution?

    We’ve always been clear, this is a line doubler. You can’t do things like frame-rate conversion, standardise line count etc because to do that you need a frame buffer, OSSC was designed from the start not to use a frame buffer and be lag free.

    OSSC has always been intended to replace the old XRGB 1/2/3 devices, not the Framemeister.


    Don’t be upset…I was joking 😉

    It’s just that I didn’t expect this kind of problem but they were evoked in the VGP review.

    I’m not a “technician” and I’m just looking for the simplest and universal solution to have a “CRT like” image on my HDTV for all my consoles.
    I am not disappointed because (apart the NeoGeo) the result is much better than the Framemeister and this, without any adjustment!

    I still have the option to keep the Framemeister for the NeoGeo or possibly try a DVDO scaler between the OSSC and my HDTV.

    Thanks for your answers and your time.



    Have you tried increasing in the Advanced timing tweaker?


    No, I will try tomorrow evening.
    Will keep you informed of the result.



    It didn’t work.

    Thanks anyway for trying to help.

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