NES RGB black screen with OSSC – please help!

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    I got a Tim Worthington NES RGB board and followed the instructions to install it. This is my first NES RGB install. I am getting a black screen when using the OSSC.

    – The OSSC recognizes the signal when I turn on the NES.. but there’s a black screen.
    – I am using this 8 pin din to SCART cable – Cable
    – I have tested sync using both c-sync and composite video sync (both black screen)
    – I have performed the three tests that Tim Worthington described HERE, and all were successful showing no issues
    – I have tested on multiple TVs, a Samsung UN55MU6290 and a Vizio M60C3 (both work with RGB modded SNES via OSSC).. both, black screen
    – I have confirmed and double confirmed that the 8 pin din connector is wired correctly and confirmed I am getting signal from the NES RGB board all the way to the pins on the scart end of the cable with the following results:

    Wire/pad on NES RGB board | Scart pin


    – I have tried the different settings listed HERE, trying 256×240 optimal sampling mode for line double and triple… still, black screen
    – THE NES OUTPUTS VIDEO FINE VIA RF (I still have RF hooked up)
    – I have pads J3, J5 and J8 (75 ohm sync, rather than TTL – although I have also tried TTL with the same result) bridged on the NES RGB board.

    What am I missing? Is it something to do with the cable/resistors/sync?

    Please help!!!

    Edit: I did fudge with some capacitors on the board (see pic below) (I removed the three bigger based on a recommendation from a that I ended up thinking didn’t apply to my cable (can someone confirm?)… and one (the smaller one in the upper right) because I broke it off on accident). At any rate, I put all the capacitors back on and tested them for continuity from both ends of each capacitor.. and all checked out. Any other test I can do to confirm these capacitors aren’t borked?
    NES RGB capacitors I fudged with

    Edit #2: I know my wire solder connections look like crap… I have been hastily moving them around while trying to test but can confirm they are working as is. I plan to solder them nicely to the pads at a later time.


    Maybe easier to get help in the shmups forum thread


    Thanks Harrumph, I actually did make a post there yesterday but it is waiting on a moderator to approve it because I just made a new account.

    Was really trying hard to get this knocked out this weekend, but I might just have to wait for the mod to approve my post. In the mean time, if anyone here has any thoughts I’d appreciate it.


    Dumbass award of the year award over here… I decided not to do a palette switch for the moment and so skipped over that section in the instructions… turns out I had to bridge a few pads together when not using the palette switch!

    Works great now!! wooo hooooo

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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