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    So I have completed the installation of my NES RGB by Tim Worthington on my AV Famicom, and am running into a road block.
    The RGB works FLAWLESSLY it is gorgeous, and there is absolutely no issues, but using an official Nintendo Composite video cable, I have a blocky green bar (roughly 20 pixels) in the left center of the image when the screen or that area of the screen is black. On top of that, the S-video seems to have an issue. When running S-video, a picture does appear, but it is black and white, and I am assuming the sync is very off, the image rolls upward, and has other distortion. I thought I may have mixed up Y and C, knowing that Y also carries sync information, but I double checked, and it would seem that unless my multi out is different, I have not mixed them up.

    I was pretty much wondering if anyone has ever run into this issue, or if there is something I am missing, say in order to get S-video to function properly on the NES RGB mod. I have 7 wires connecting the AV multi-out to the mod chip (C-sync, R, G, B, V, Y, and C) Do I need to connect anything else? I cut the original video trace on the motherboard as well, although I don’t see how that would involve sync on the S-Video line coming directly from Tim’s board. but I don’t have the +5V or grounds connected, and maybe that could stabilize my video. Who knows, that’s why I’m here asking!

    Thanks in advance for any help.


    Your S-Video problem sounds like you’re trying to use a NTSC console on a PAL TV or maybe vice versa?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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